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Testimonials From Parents

“Thank you to all the team for the exceptional week organised for our children last week. My daughter in particular was very hesitant, nervous and of the shy type, however just loved the week and looks forward to auditioning again next year. She found the conductor and mentors wonderful - friendly, kind and helpful. She really enjoyed being with a group of like-minded children who all listened and were friendly. It's done wonders for her confidence. Thank you.”

"Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed to the SA Music Camp and Concert. This was our first time attending the camp and our daughter enjoyed the various aspects of it.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Concert!  What a wonderful experience for all the young people. We are looking forward to next year!"

"Congratulations on the concert last night. It was lovely to see all of those beautiful, talented kids on stage performing. I’m sure the administration and tutors were very proud!"

"Thanks so much to everyone - it was a beautifully run camp and both my girls really enjoyed themselves."

"My daughter was a first time attendee and she had a fabulous time in Hawkes.  She was quite uncertain about going but it has been such a positive experience for her.   She was delighted with her progress and the ensemble’s performance on Friday night. Thanks for all your efforts behind the scenes."

"My husband and I would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to all involved in Music Camp.  It was our daughter's first experience and she loved every minute of it and made some wonderful friends. She definitely wants to attend again next year.  The performance on Friday night was spectacular and we were so proud that she was part of such a polished performance and it was a great extension to her current ensembles at school."

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